Touring Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular regions among backpackers and travelers looking for a break from the hectic working world, and among people who crave a beach holiday anytime. While it can not be denied that the beaches, the dive sites, and coastlines are jaw-dropping, SE Asia has a lot more to offer than that.  One of our neighbors is one of the largest house painters in Gilbert Arizona and he often travels abroad to Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.  So, we must include those at least in our top 5 places to visit.  There are iconic historic sites, natural wonders, and bustling metropolises as well.

The following list of five of the most popular travel spots in SE Asia includes a bit of everything.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Let’s begin with Bangkok – one of the most visited cities tourist destinations in the world. This busy Thai metropolis has a plethora of historic temples and the best of street food. It’s floating market is a must-visit too, just like it’s infamous nightlife hub Khao San Road.

  1. Halong Bay, Vietnam

A dreamy stretch of beautiful coastline in North Vietnam, Halong Bay consists of over 2,000 limestone formations and islands. These geological wonders are covered with lush greenery, which, in contrast with the deep blue waters of the bay, make a heavenly landscape. This is a place you should explore in a kayak.

  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, is a modern metropolis with its world-famous skyline that boasts of hundreds of skyscrapers, minarets of mosques and domes of temples. It’s very culturally diverse as well, with its busy markets, lit shopping areas and many an architectural highlight – especially the Petronas Twin Towers.

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is popular as the best backpacking destination of Southeast Asia. It is a small Indonesian island that’s well-known for its night-long parties, as well as it’s lush forests and sandy beaches. Despite being so small, it has a lot of attractions, including some of the world’s best surfing beaches and adventurous hikes to volcano summits.

  1. Bagan, Myanmar

Ever since Myanmar opened its borders to the world a few years ago, it has evolved as one of the most visited travel destinations in Southeast Asia. As everything is still untouched by tourism commercialization, the sooner you go there, the better. One must-visit spot in the city of Bagan and its thousands of temples.

Still not sure where to go? Just pack your bags and take the first flight that goes to any of these places! You won’t be disappointed.