Muskoka: Cottage Country

Muskoka, Ontario is a magnificent, intriguing area located in the southern part of Canada attracting thousands of tourists each year. Muskoka, also referred to as Cottage Country occasionally, is an beautiful county approximately 4000 kilometers squared meters in land. Here there are countless cottages and condos attracting buyers from all parts of the world. Not only can you find hundreds of summer homes and vacation houses here, there are also sophisticated condos and townhomes as well. This is the perfect destination to come and relax but this area has much more in store as well.

Well also inhabiting some of the nicest, picture perfect scenery in the whole world, there are countless activities and occupations you can pursue during your stay. Firstly, in this area there are a large number of publicly owned beaches and lakes. Here, the water is crystal blue and always held at the highest standards. There is no garbage or waste floating around, maximizing the pure glory of this area. Usually with these alluring beaches also comes breath taking parks and scenery. Generally, you can find social parks with equipment for all ages ranging from activities for smaller children to exercise equipment for the elderly. With all of this comes stunning background scenery as well. Muskoka is known for the captivating images which are produced there.

Here you can truly see the earths beauty. Another thing to partake in while visiting this area is exploring the natural parks and forests. One major benefit of Cottage Country is all the vast forests and trees you can find in the natural habitation. In these forests, there are generally long stone trails which are created for running, biking and hiking. Well here you can either leisurely walk and experience the beautiful trees and animal life, take a work out through the vast forest by bike or take a brisk jog after a long day of exploring. Throughout these forests, you can generally view a vast amount of different animal species and types.

In Muskoka, you can see colorful chirping birds, creek animals (frogs, garden snakes, etc.), stealthy foxes, and even porcupines. All in one forest! All of this wild life is beautiful and coincides together effectively and efficiently. Another major plus to the muskoka area, is the delicious food and desserts. Here you can find some of the best ice cream all of Canada has to offer. At Kawartha Dairy’s, they serve creamy, delicious ice cream at incredibly economical prices. They are known country wide but only have establishments in Muskoka at the moment. Muskoka also offers delicious home based restaurant and cuisine as well. Here you can find a wide array of different food coming from many cultures and background. On the same street, you can visit an Chinese food place, an Middle Eastern establishment and an french cafe. All at your own convenience.

Muskoka is one of the most beautiful regions Canada has to offer. Well enjoying the incredible scenery, you can partake in countless amusing activities and indulge in some of the best food Canada has to offer. I highly recommend you visit this region. Here you will create memories you will never forget, well witnessing natural beauty at it’s finest!