The 10 Best Places to Visit in Spain

When it comes to breathtaking natural landscapes, historic architecture, festivals, vibrant nightlife, splendid beaches and the delicious cuisine, there is no other country quite like Spain in Europe. Each place you visit in Spain is brimming with history and legacy structures. However, the food in Spain is additionally yet another reason to visit this beautiful place.

Have a look at our list of the 10 best places you must visit in Spain-Barcelona – The capital and largest city of Catalonia, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful travel destinations located in northeastern Spain. People who love to travel to European cities from the vigorous shopping to historic buildings, the town offers complete fun to the tourists. A visit to Barcelona is not complete without visiting the Gaudi’s famous La Sagrada Familia Basilica.

Spanish Islands- Spanish Islands are the most delightful island in entire Europe. The biggest islands are isolated between two islands known as Balearic Island and Canary Island. Mallorca is best known biggest island of the Balearic and Ibiza is known for the gatherings it had facilitated. The Canaries are situated on the southern shore of Morocco. These islands are acclaimed for having beautiful shorelines and other usual attractions.

Madrid – Capital of Spain, One of the largest European city famous for its nightlife scenes, bars, restaurants and more. Madrid is known as the most colorful city where could always find something interesting to visit or to do due to the diversity of different ethnic groups. Royal Palace is the residence of Spain’s Monarch and the most significant landmark located in the heart of this city. If you are in Madrid, a visit to Escurial Monastery is a must.

Seville – Buzzing nightlife, exceptional tourism activities and sparkling festivals give more power to the city of Seville. If you want to feel and touch the spirit and atmosphere of Sapin a visit to Seville is a must. The cathedral of Seville is the most visited tourist attractions in the city of Seville; this place was additionally assumed as a position where Christopher Columbus was covered.

San Sebastian – The capital of the Gipuzkoa territory, located in Basque in Northern Spain. San Sebastian is an Oceanside city which has incredible shorelines and remarkable culinary convention. This city is famous for its business and tourism and is known as the most acclaimed traveler city in entire Spain.

Bilbao- Bilbao is considered as the most beautiful place to visit in the North of Spain. The Guggenheim Museum located on the bank of Nervion River is a must-see site in Spain that attracts a large number of visitors every year. This museum has different historical art pieces as well. This city is famous for several churches as well.

Cordoba – Located in the Eastern Spain and the capital of Cordoba region. This city has numerous libraries which worked in the period of the Muslim Caliphate. This city was named as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Muslims moreover conquered it in the eighth century and after that made capital of Muslims Caliphate.

Santiago de Compostela – Located in Galicia, this city is also famous for the final destination of their traditional pilgrimage, which is a compelling piece of each Christian since it considered that this metropolis is where St. James is covered who was a messenger of Jesus Christ. This place was ruined by the Muslim warriors when they attacked this place, and it was built later on again in a previous century. This city is connected to many people as they’re part of belief and religion. The main tourist attractions of Santiago are monuments and museums.

Toledo- Toledo is a municipality which located in Spain. It is also a part of UNESCO World Heritage because of the cultural and historical monuments. Jews, Muslims, and Christians have controlled the city, so it is known as Toledo is also known as “City of Three Cultures.” If you want to enjoy the architecture of the Roman Empire, a visit to this place is a must.

Valencia – Undoubtedly Valencia is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The third largest city in Spain and filled with contemporary and historic architecture. You shouldn’t miss a visit to the City of Arts and Sciences if you need to appreciate some sea life science. Valencia has a relaxed ambiance, and a lot of understudies give a specific flavor to this concealed jewel. A visit to the City of Arts and Sciences is must if you want to appreciate some sea life science.

So you shouldn’t be waiting anymore? Get your bag and camera ready and visit one of these best cities in Spain for an unforgettable vacation.